ARKstuff Player's Corner

This is your resource for useful information pertaining to ARKstuff servers!

Fjordur Rune Locations

Information on where to find the runes on Fjordur, including teleport commands!

Thickcoin Discord Store

Information on how to buy in-game stuff using the free virtual currency system on Discord & by acquiring Berrybush seeds in-game from drops!

ARKstuff Nation Map

This is where our members can add their approximate location on a Google map for everyone to see!

ARK Apps

Need an app to help with taming & useful tidbits for just about everything ARK related?

Server Information

Find out all the important settings/rules on ARKstuff servers!

Dead Base Report!

Found an abandoned base that needs to go poof?

Water Pipes Request!

Are you trying to not have a disgusting pipe system run all the way up your mountain to your base? Submit your base here and an Admin will plumb your pipes straight through the ground to the water table under the map.

ARKstuff Polls

Your input is needed on our latest community poll!

HUD Icons

Do you have a HUD icon that you've never seen before?

Fishing Loot

Wondering what you can/can't find on those weird fish that seem to love blueprints?

Custom Recipes

Trying to cook up some of the hard stuff?