ARKstuff Steam Server Rules

  • #WORLDPEACE: Be courteous to each other. As a Neebs Gaming Fan Server, our goal is World Peace. Being mean is not World Peace. Determining that you have differences with someone else, accepting those differences and finding common ground that promotes co-existence is World Peace, or at least it's a start.
  • THEFT: Do not steal other people's stuff! We will call Liam Neeson.
  • ANTI-THEFT: Don't leave your stuff unlocked! If you do, the violators of rule 2 will come get you!
  • RESOURCES: Do not build on resource spawns. This means huge resource spawns. If the place you're wanting to build on has like 1 metal rock on it, nobody is going to miss it. Also, don't tie up all the oil veins.
  • CAVES: Do not block cave entrances that lead to Bosses / Artifacts. Structures/dinos in violation will be permanently destroyed.
  • BASE LIMIT: Do not build more than one large base PER PERSON & one water base PER TRIBE. One small outpost base is allowed per biome for each tribe.
  • PILLAR BOMBING: DO NOT pillar bomb an area (meaning, don't place random pillars, foundations, etc to "claim" an area). Build there or don't build there. Pillar bombing is not permitted. At all. Under any circumstances. Seriously, we will poof that real quick.
  • BEAVER DAMS: DO NOT leave the wood in a beaver dam! When you leave the wood (we know it's heavy), then that beaver dam stays there with just wood in it until someone else comes along and finds it that way and cleans it out so a new one can spawn.
    • Tip: Park your mount (dino) right next to the beaver dam. Access the dam, take all, exit menu. Turn to your mount, get on it and then dump what you do not want.
  • TRAPS: Traps may not be left all over the map. Use it. Demolish it. You may keep traps AT YOUR BASE, all others may be destroyed.
  • TAMES: Do NOT leave your tames randomly about the map. If we find randomly left tames nowhere near your base, we will probably poof it.
  • LAG/CRASH PREVENTION: If something you're doing is causing massive amounts of lag and/or server crashes, please report it to an admin immediately. This information will be used for bug reporting!

ARKstuff Steam Server Settings

  • Click here for instructions on how to join our server.
  • XP - 6 - (Faster level up)
  • Max Dino Level - 300
  • Taming - 10 - (Faster taming)
  • Harvesting - 4 - (More resources)
  • Food/Water Drain 0.5 (Slower food/water drain)
  • Dino Food Drain 1 (Default Value)
  • Decay Multiplier 6 (Longer decay times on structures)
  • Mating Multiplier 0.2 (Less time between mating)
  • Egg Hatch Speed 10 (Faster egg hatching)
  • Baby Mature Speed 10 (Faster baby maturation)
  • Cuddle Grace Period 2 (So you dont miss an imprint)
  • Spoiling Multiplier - 2 (Everything lasts longer)
  • Player Damage Multiplier 1 (Default value)
  • Day Speed - 0.25x - (Longer days)
  • Night Speed - 1 - Default Value
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