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Steam Servers

10 PVE servers hosted by Connection info included at the link below.

  • ARKstuff Aberration
  • ARKstuff Crystal Isles
  • ARKstuff Extinction
  • ARKstuff Genesis
  • ARKstuff Genesis 2
  • ARKstuff Lost Island
  • ARKstuff Ragnarok
  • ARKstuff Scorched Earth
  • ARKstuff The Island
  • ARKstuff Valguero

Xbox/Windows Servers

Currently, we have 1 cluster featuring all maps on PVE. Click the links to see server rules and settings.


  • [US] ARKstuff Ragnarok
  • [US] ARKstuff The Island
  • [US] ARKstuff Aberration
  • [US] ARKstuff The Center
  • [US] ARKstuff Scorched Earth
  • [US] ARKstuff Extinction
  • [US] ARKstuff Valguero
  • [US] ARKstuff Genesis
  • [US] ARKstuff Crystal Isles
  • [US] ARKstuff Genesis 2
  • [US] ARKstuff Lost Island
  • [US] ARKstuff Fjordur

Joining ARKstuff Xbox One/Windows Servers

These instructions work for Xbox One users & Windows users as well.

  1. Select JOIN ARK at your title screen.
  2. Enter ARKstuff into the Name Filter.
  3. Select ALL MAPS on the Map dropdown.
  4. Select ALL MODES, PVE or PVP on the Game Mode dropdown.
  5. Select UNOFFICIAL PC SESSIONS on the Session Filter dropdown at the bottom left of the screen.
  6. Ensure the SHOW PASSWORD PROTECTED checkbox is NOT CHECKED on the bottom left of the screen.
  7. Select the server that you want to join.
  8. Hit the JOIN button!