ARKstuff Beginnings

ARKstuff began when DieselEffect was convinced by TheFujitaFive that we need to play this game called ARK that he had been watching on Neebs Gaming's YouTube channel. We eventually started playing on our own Non-Dedicated server and then moved to a friend's dedicated server, where we met our first Lead Administrator, Sir Lord Mr. Lion Manchester Jr. the Third, Esquire. We started our own player dedicated server on an extra Xbox One with help from HeavyT and played there for a while, which was difficult to manage, to say the least. Eventually, Nitrado started hosting Xbox servers, and here we are.

Server Owner/Operator

ARKstuff is owned and operated by DieselEffect & brother TheFujitaFive.

What is ARKstuff?

ARKstuff started as and is primarily a cluster of fan servers for the Neebs Gaming community, but is open to absolutely everyone!

Whether you are a new player or someone with eighty gazillion hours on ARK, we'd love to have you here.

Currently ARKstuff is a group of 2 clusters of 8 PVE servers & 8 PVP servers on Xbox/Windows 10 and 1 cluster of 4 PVE servers on Steam. All of our PVE & PVP servers are CrossARK enabled (clustered) so you can transfer your character, dinos & items to/from all of the maps freely. Also, our servers are Crossplay enabled so you can party with us from Xbox One or your PC using the Windows 10 version of ARK: Survival Evolved.

ARKstuff Servers is funded in whole by our amazing community of players via our Patreon where every penny goes to server rental fees until the donations exceed the fees, in which case the entirety of the rest goes back to our friends at Neebs Gaming via public donation on their Thursday night twitch.tv streams!