What is Patreon?

Patreon is how we keep the server clusters going. Our Patrons are the reason we are able to sustain the amount of servers we provide for our community to play on. Plain and simple, without Patrons, there are no ARKstuff Servers.

What does Patreon do for me?

Patreon does 2 things for you.

1) It shows your support for the server cluster by keeping it online.

2) It gets you rewards in-game as a way of saying "Thank you for helping us grow this kick ass community".

Why should I become a Patron?

That's completely up to you. ARKstuff is free to play on as long as you want it to be. If you want to help keep us online by letting us mooch some of that hard earned cash of yours, then we thank you. If not, we still thank you because we love having you on our servers!

When do I get my Patreon rewards?

1st time: Once your first payment clears after your initial pledge

Forever afterwards: After the first of the month when the monthly pledge clears. Usually anywhere from the 1st to the 5th.

Where does the extra money go if there is any?

NEEBS GAMING! I will use the donated funds to purchase servers & extend their runtimes each month, purchase auxiliary services such as premium Discord bot subscriptions if necessary, pay website fees, etc. If there is anything left over it will be donated to Neebs Gaming under the name "ARKstuff Servers" during one of their Twitch.tv Live Streams that take place on Thursdays at 8PM (EST) / 7PM (CST). Click the icon below to find the Neebs Gaming twitch.tv channel!


Patreon Dino Insurance

At the $15/month Patreon tier you receive a "Super Dino" (level 1200) as part of the rewards package. Patreon Dino Insurance means that as long as you are an ARKstuff Patron ($1 or more per month), then any Super Dino you have received as part of a Patreon package is insured and will be replaced if it is killed.

Patreon Dino Insurance expires on the 1st of the month AFTER you cancel your ARKstuff Patreon subscription.

Patreon Dino Insurance is non-transferrable, meaning that if you give your Super Dino to another player who is not a current Patron then it will not be insured.

Patreon Dino Insurance covers any Super Dino in your possession as of 6/1/2019, no matter when you purchased it.