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Ragnarok was our first server and it is the main hub for the entire cluster. (Released June 12, 2017)


The Center

ARK's first expansion map. It's like the middle, or something. (Released May 17, 2016)



ARK's Third Mod Map turned Official (Released July 19, 2019)


Lost Island

It once was lost, but now it is found (Released 12/14/2021)


The Island

The map that started it all. Get the boss fights & the Tek Cave for +15 levels on your character! (Released June 2, 2015)



Return to Earth to defeat the mighty Titans (Released November 6, 2018)



Part I of the Genesis Chronicles. (Released February 24, 2020)


Genesis 2

ARK's Final Story DLC (Released June 3, 2021)



Discover the underworld of a corrupted ARK and get a +15 level Ascension. (Released December 12, 2017)


Scorched Earth

Some sweet desert action. (Released September 1, 2016)


Crystal Isles

ARK's 4th Mod-Map turned Official. (Released August 25, 2020)



Exxplore the Realms, challenge the bosses! (Released June 12, 2022)

PVE Server Rules

IMPORTANT: This may not be the most updated set of rules. To ensure that you are seeing the most updated set of rules, join the Discord. The rules published on this website DO NOT override the ones published in the Discord.

  • #WORLDPEACE: Be courteous to each other. As a Neebs Gaming Fan Server, our goal is World Peace. Being mean is not World Peace. Determining that you have differences with someone else, accepting those differences and finding common ground that promotes co-existence is World Peace, or at least it's a start.
  • THEFT: Do not steal other people's stuff! We will call Liam Neeson.
  • ANTI-THEFT: Don't leave your stuff unlocked! If you do, the violators of rule 2 will come get you!
  • DEAD BASES/DECAYED TAMES: It is expected that if you encounter a base on PVE that is "Demolish Allowed!" or tamed dinos that are claimable that you do the following:
    • 1. DO NOT claim the tames and DO NOT demolish any structures.
    • 2. Submit a Dead Base Report to the admins and open a ticket in the Discord in the #create-ticket channel to alert the team to the discovery.
    • 3. Do not advertise the location of this base to the general server population because that just further increases the chance that someone will take the contents of the dead base.
    • Basis: We do this because we are a community that understands that some people fall on tough times and may not be able to log into the game before their timers are up. Admins will make an effort to recover tames and store them for the member and attempt to get in touch with them about their base. If no reply is had, the base will be demolished. It is our duty to help each other out. See Rule #1.
    • Do not build on resource spawns. This means huge resource spawns. If the place you're wanting to build on has like 1 metal rock on it, nobody is going to miss it.
    • Oil Veins:
      • Do not block Oil Veins
      • If you build an Oil Pump on an Oil Vein, it must be unlocked for the community to utilize.
      • Your Oil Pump may be claimed and unlocked by the Admin Team at any time if it is found or reported locked and it will not be returned.
    • Tree Sap Taps
      • Unlock Tree Sap Taps for the community to utilize with one exception.
      • Exception: You have built a tree house base. This must be a legitimate base. Building boxes around the tree sap taps on a platform will not qualify. This must be an obvious base that is more useful than just blocking a sap tap.
      • Your Tree Sap Tap may be claimed and unlocked by the Admin Team at any time if it is found or reported locked and it will not be returned.
  • CAVES: Do not block cave entrances that lead to Bosses / Artifacts. Structures/dinos in violation will be permanently destroyed.
  • EGGS: DO NOT DROP eggs found in the wild such as Deinonychus, Wyvern, Magmasaur. This will prevent new eggs from spawning. Either eat them, use them to make kibble, tame a Basilisk, anything but dropping them on the ground.
  • UNATTENDED BREEDING: DO NOT leave your dinos on "mating enabled" unless you are present. This leads to the possibility of unclaimed dinos roaming around in the wild which is not a good thing.
  • UNCLAIMING DINOS: DO NOT "release" your tames into the wild. I understand this sounds humane and all but it's not. Either give them away to another player or lead them to the pearly gates yourself or have someone else do it.
  • PILLAR BOMBING: DO NOT pillar bomb an area (meaning, don't place random pillars, foundations, etc to "claim" an area). Build there or don't build there. Pillar bombing is not permitted. At all. Under any circumstances. Seriously, we will poof that real quick.
  • BEAVER DAMS: DO NOT leave the wood in a beaver dam! When you leave the wood (we know it's heavy), then that beaver dam stays there with just wood in it until someone else comes along and finds it that way and cleans it out so a new one can spawn.
    • Tip: Park your mount (dino) right next to the beaver dam. Access the dam, take all, exit menu. Turn to your mount, get on it and then dump what you do not want.
  • WYVERN LIMIT: Each tribe is allowed 5 Wyverns --OR-- 2 Wyverns per person, whichever is more. (This is to reduce lag)
    • Example 1: If your tribe has 2 members, your MAX is 5.
    • Example 2: If your tribe has 10 members, your MAX is 20.
    • Example 3: You can have as many wyverns as you want as long as no more than the above mentioned are outside of a cryopod.
  • LAG/CRASH PREVENTION: If something you're doing is causing massive amounts of lag and/or server crashes, please report it to an admin immediately. This information will be used for bug reporting!
  • TELEPORTERS: ALL Telepads must be named. It makes navigating the multiple networks easier through search.
  • STRYDERS: Only 4 Stryders allowed per base. There are reports these cause significant lag. (No one likes lag)
  • TAKING A BREAK: If you need some extended time away from the servers, please do the following:
    • Fill your base's generators to the maximum extent possible. Empty generators = dead cryofridges = dead tames.
      • Note: In the event that your generator has run out of fuel and your cryofridges are without power, DO NOT OPEN THE CRYOFRIDGES. Refuel the applicable generator, then turn it on. This may keep your tames from dying in their cryopods provided that you re-powered the fridges prior to opening them.
    • Cryopod ALL of your tames at ALL of your bases. Do not leave anything out that can decay and be claimed by other players.
    • Place a billboard at your base(s) indicating that you are taking a break as of the date you place the billboard. For example: "Please don't wipe, taking a break 10/10/2021" This will tell the admin team everything they need to know about the status of your base and will prevent them from wiping your base or having a lengthy discussion on what's going on with it.
    • Place ALL of your items, including hotbar and clothing/armor items in a box in your base so that your character has nothing on it.
    • VERY IMPORTANT: Either transfer your character to another server WITHOUT SPAWNING your character, then log out OR kill your character and log out before re-spawning. This will minimize the probability that your character will be detached from your account (this happens ALL the time) causing you to have to start a new character when you come back.
    • Definitions:
      1. Base: Any arrangement of structures owned by a single tribe that serves as the main home for a player or tribe. To be regarded as a base, it must include at least 1 enclosed structure, at least 1 bed (not a sleeping bag), a crafting table and storage.
      2. Outpost: Any arrangement of structures owned by a single tribe in a biome that does not contain a base by the same tribe, that is limited in size to 6x6 foundation footprint and no higher than 6 walls, but is not required to have a person assigned to it. Outposts are required to have at least 1 bed and 1 enclosed structure. Outposts can only be constructed if a main base has been established.
        • Note: The main difference between a base and an outpost, other than size, is that 1 tribe populated by only 1 person can have multiple outposts but may only have 1 base.
      3. Random Structures: Any arrangement of structures that does not fit the definitions above will be considered a random structure and may be demolished by an admin.
      4. Biome: An area of the map occupied by the same flora/fauna (plants/dinos/animals). Examples include but are not limited to Redwood, Tundra, Forest, Desert, Eden, Rockwell. Biomes are clearly separated on Genesis but best judgement must be used on the other maps.
    • Rule: Each person, regardless of tribe status or tribe population, may construct a "base" as defined above, so long as they are within the regulations listed below:
      • The player character must be part of a "tribe", whether solo or with other players. A tribe must be established prior to constructing a base.
      • A single base, regardless of occupancy, cannot occupy a footprint larger than 2 dino leashes on "large".
      • Some bases may be shaped in such a way that it's borders are outside of 2 connected dino leashes on "large", but that is allowed as long as the surface area is not greater than the 2 dino leashes on "large". This will be determined by the observing admin by placing 2 dino leashes and using their best judgement.
      • A base may not be closer than a distance of 3 dino leash rings set on "large", end to end, in a straight line from the outer-most (or closest-to-your-base) structure of the next base. Utilization of natural features such as mountains, cliffs, etc cannot be used to claim "out of view".
      • Bases may not neighbor bases occupied by the same tribe. This means that you cannot be neighbors with your tribe-mates to essentially enlarge the limits of a base by constructing separate bases at the above-mentioned minimum required distance. If tribe-mates want to live adjacent to one another, they shall occupy one base.
    • Outposts may be constructed in biomes that do not contain a "base" by the same tribe. Outposts shall be smaller than a teleporter. This means that a teleporter being used as an outpost is too large and therefore shall not be done.
    • Special Requirements:
      • Teleporters must be named.
      • Teleporters that occupy the same area by the same tribe must be managed such that only one is set to public so as to minimize clutter on the teleportation map.
      • Only 4 Stryders are allowed per base.


Server Settings

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  • XP - 6 - (Faster level up)
  • Max Dino Level - 450 - (Higher than normal allowed by Xbox)
  • Taming - 15 - (Faster taming)
  • Harvesting - 2 - (More resources)
  • Food/Water Drain - 0.5(Slower food/water drain)
  • Dino Food Drain - 1(Default Value)
  • Harvest Damage - 2(More harvesting)
  • Decay Multiplier - 6(Longer decay times on structures)
  • Mating Multiplier - 0.3(Less time between mating)
  • Egg Hatch Speed - 10(Faster egg hatching)
  • Baby Mature Speed - 10(Faster baby maturation)
  • Baby Cuddle Multiplier - 0.1(So you can get 100% imprint)
  • Cuddle Grace Period - 2(So you dont miss an imprint)
  • Baby Food Consumption - 0.5(Slower eating by babies)
  • Spoiling Multiplier - 5(Everything lasts longer)
  • Player Damage Multiplier - 1(Default value)
  • Day Speed - 1x
  • Night Speed - 1x

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