Join our Discord!

Discord is a convenient chat server for our community. All of our announcements are posted there and all of our server administrators are there. Pretty much all of our regulars and cool kids are on our Discord server! Joining is as simple as following this link: ARKstuff Discord

In-game rewards are available for participation in our Discord server! For more information about Discord Rewards, check out our FAQ here: ARKstuff FAQ

Discord Server Boosting

1. If you boost our server, we get perks for our members and our Discord server. Currently we are "Level 1" with 8 total Boosts from our members. The goal is "Level 3" with 30 Boosts! Below is a look at what our Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3 Boosts are.

2. This money DOES NOT go to ARKstuff. It goes to Discord. Basically you're helping ARKstuff pay Discord for these benefits.

3. If you are a DISCORD NITRO member, you get all the Discord Nitro Perks, plus 2 boosts that you can use on whatever servers you want, or both on one server! Below are the perks and pricing for Discord Nitro! For even more information, visit Discord's Nitro page:

4. Below is where to go on mobile to boost the ARKstuff server!

5. Below is how to boost the server on the PC version of Discord!


If you have any questions, contact me, DieselEffect, in the Discord. I have Discord Nitro AND boost the ARKstuff Discord, so I can help you understand what is going on even more.