There's Patreon...and then there's the ARKstuff Store. Both give you rewards but these rewards are things that you can't get from Patreon. ARKstuff Store gives you the opportunity to score some loot and it helps us grow the community and keep the servers online! The ARKstuff Store is directly linked to our PayPal Business account, so it is secure. Once you buy something, we will be notified immediately and we will get you your rewards! Thank you for playing on ARKstuff!

PVE Items

PVP Package


PVP Boosts are applied to the server's settings by admins. Boosts will be applied to the server you choose for a full 24 hour period starting on the day that you choose. The boost will be 2X the normal value already on the server.

Available Boosts (Base Multiplier) *Base Multiplier means what the server setting is normally.

XP (6)

Harvesting Multiplier (4)

Taming Speed (15)

Player Health Regen (1)

Crop Growth (2)

Egg Hatch Speed (10)

Baby Maturation (10)

Boosts are stackable. For more information on that, contact @vigtar in the Discord.

For information on how to allocate your boosts, scroll to the bottom of this page.


Once you have completed a purchase, an admin will be dispatched to fill your order at the Rewards Center located on the map you specified at checkout. You will have a locker at this Rewards Center that has your name on it and it will be locked with the PIN code you specified. Rewards Center locations are listed below

XBOX/Windows 10 PVE

Map Coordinates Name of Facility Tek Teleporter Available
Aberration 49, 26 Jack's Place Yes
Extinction 51.0, 63.7 ARKstuff Rewards Center Yes
Genesis I 15.1, 44.4 or Ocean NW Patreon Prison Yes
Ragnarok 70, 52 Patreon Rewards Center Yes
Scorched Earth 46, 51 ARKstuff Rewards Center Yes
The Center 45, 58 ARKstuff Rewards Center Yes
The Island 80, 29 ARKstuff Rewards Center Yes
Valguero 69.5, 72 Patreon Castle Yes


If you are not already in the Discord, start here:

1. Please join the Discord here:

2. Once you are in, visit the #roles channel and select your role categories using the instructions in that channel.

3. Proceed to the next section

If you are already in the Discord, start here:

4. Go to the #create-ticket channel and open a PVP Admin support ticket.

5. Once the ticket is open, discuss how you'd like to use your purchased boosts and a PVP admin will be with you ASAP.