There's Patreon...and then theres ARKstuff Sponsorship Packages. Both give you rewards but these rewards change monthly and are things that you can't get from Patreon. Sponsorship gives you the opportunity to score some loot and it helps us grow the cluster and keep the servers online! Your purchase will directly contribute to the growth of ARKstuff and the purchasing of ARKstuff Servers! The ARKstuff Sponsorship program is directly linked to our PayPal Business account or our Stripe account, so it is secure. Once you buy something, we will be notified immediately and we will get you your rewards! Thank you for playing on ARKstuff!

PVE Packages

PVP Package


Server-wide boost from the list provided below. Boosts will be applied to the server you choose for a full 24 hour period starting at the normal daily restart. The boost will be 2X the normal value already on the server. Below is a list of available boosts and their current (normal) value:

XP (6)

Harvesting Multiplier (4)

Taming Speed (15)

Player Health Regen (1)

Crop Growth (2)

Egg Hatch Speed (10)

Baby Maturation (10)

Only ONE boost may be applied per calendar day. Boosts will be applied in the order in which they are purchased. Boosts will be announced on the Discord.

Once you have completed a purchase, please message StraightJack in our Discord so we can get you hooked up with your stuff! Thank you!