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[US] ARKstuff PVPVE Server Information

[US] ARKstuff PVPVE Server Rules

  1. #WORLDPEACE: Be courteous to each other. As a Neebs Gaming Fan Server, our vision is World Peace. Being a complete jerk is not World Peace. Determining that you have differences with someone else, accepting those differences and finding common ground that promotes co-existence is World Peace, or at least it's a start. This also means that if at any time you feel a rule or courtesy should be revisited and voted upon, please let us know. We want the community to help make this the best PVPVE server around!
  • UNDERSTAND THE OBJECT OF THE SERVER: The object of ARKstuff PVPVE is to allow players who want to build aesthetically pleasing structures and live PVE-style lives on a server where they can also engage or be engaged in PVP without the fear of losing literally everything. If you have an issue with that, play straight PVE or PVP and don't come here.
  • BASE WIPINGBases must not ever be wiped. If you want to raid a base, you must only damage the building in such a way that the building can be entered. There is no reason to take out a whole structure or blow half of it up.
  • TAME WIPING: Tames should only be killed if they are a threat to you. No passive murdering.
  • OPEN WORLD PVP INITIATION: If you want to attack another player, you must make your presence and intention known to the other player. No sneak attacks. No ambushing.
  • ENEMY BASE PVP INITIATION: If you want to raid another player's base, you must make your presence and intention known to the other player. If the player is not home, then you cannot make your presence known to them and you must not attack their base. Players MUST BE THERE TO DEFEND OR THE RULE HAS BEEN BROKEN. If you attack a base and the victim player flees and leaves their base unattended, then the base is fair game because they had the opportunity to defend and opted to flee.
  • CAGING: No extortion or permanent caging, raid caging is fine.
  • COMBAT LOGGING: No combat logging. If you are in the middle of a raid and must log off, the raid needs to be postponed and rescheduled. If you fail to meet the new raid date and did not communicate that to the other parties, an admin will join and allow the raid to happen. If you do not notify the other party that you must log off and you just log off, the raid may continue until the end of the ORP timer.
  • BEAVER DAMS: Take EVERYTHING when you raid a beaver dam. Do not leave the wood or anything else. If you don't, you're hurting yourself and other players.
  • NO "ALPHA" TRIBES: Do not treat this like regular PVP. Tribing up into a massive tribe and attempting to establish dominance over other players will do you no good here. You'll end up like Microsoft and be split into separate tribes. Large tribes are allowed, but not in such a way that your tribe is unstoppable. That creates a major imbalance that will ruin the game for smaller tribes.
  • PASS THE QUIZ: You must pass the quiz, which is linked at the bottom of this page, to gain access to the server password. The quiz asks questions about the information read on this page.

[US] ARKstuff PVPVE Settings

  • Server Name in server browser: [US] ARKstuff PVPVE
    • This is a PRIMITIVE PLUS server. Ensure you have switched over to "Primitive Plus Official" on the home screen.
  • XP - 6 - (Faster level up)
  • Max Dino Level - 150
  • Taming - 15 - (Faster taming)
  • Harvesting 2 - (More resources)
  • Food/Water Drain 0.5 (Slower food/water drain)
  • Dino Food Drain 1 (Default Value)
  • Harvest Damage 2 (More harvesting)
  • Decay Multiplier 6 (Longer decay times on structures)
  • Mating Multiplier 0.3 (Less time between mating)
  • Egg Hatch Speed 10 (Faster egg hatching)
  • Baby Mature Speed 10 (Faster baby maturation)
  • Baby Cuddle Multiplier 0.1 (So you can get 100% imprint)
  • Cuddle Grace Period 2 (So you dont miss an imprint)
  • Baby Food Consumption 0.5 (Slower eating by babies)
  • Spoiling Multiplier - 2
  • Player Damage Multiplier 1 (Default value)

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