Current PVP Maps

ARKstuff PVP Lead Administrator is vigtar and she can be reached on our Discord


The Center

It's like the middle, or something.



It has everything...except for all that aberrant stuff.



The Island

The map that started it all. Get the boss fights & the Tek Cave for +15 levels on your character!



Get killed more than usual...but you might get another +15 levels.


Scorched Earth

It's real hot.



ARK's Final DLC...or not



ARK's Latest Mod Map turned Official (Released 7/19/2019)


Genesis I

ARK's Latest DLC (Released 2/25/2020-ish)


Crystal Isles

ARK's Latest mod map turned official

Current PVP Rules

#WORLDPEACE: Be courteous to each other. As a Neebs Gaming Fan Community, our goal is World Peace. Being mean is not World Peace. Determining that you have differences with someone else, accepting those differences and finding common ground that promotes co-existence is World Peace, or at least it's a start. This also means that if at any time you feel a rule should be revisited, make a suggestion and let's talk about it. We want the community to help make this the best cluster around!


  1. No Bullying of any kind, we are always trying to uphold #WorldPeace and bullying has no place.
    • This includes but is not limited to making someone a constant target, following someone map to map in an effort to prevent them from making any progress. If you feel you are being harassed, please contact an admin.
  2. No obelisk attacks or building at the obelisks
    • No Obelisk killing - This includes you standing on the outside and shooting at those inside the obelisk. This is voided IF the following scenes take place:
      • You run to the ob for safety while already being attacked
      • You bait someone to an OB to attack
  1. No complete wipe, main structure should be mostly recognizable. (outposts are not covered unless it can be proven it was the main structure.)
    • Complete Wiping meaning you will not wipe a base, at minimum leaving a shell. Failure to comply will result in Admin wipe of your tribe on that map or Ban.
  2. No hitting White flag protected bases. These are tribes trying to get established to give you a better fight down the road! White flags must come down within 2 weeks.
    • Tribes must contact either Vigtar or Kaos to be added to the White flag channel, if you are not on this list, your flag is not valid.
    • White Flag consists of no having any metal structures (inside or out) and no turrets. You are able to have few Plant x or Velonosaurs.
    • Industrial forges and fabricators are not counted as structures.
    • If one base has started putting up metal structures/turrets, all flags must come down.
    • Absolutely no raiding or initiating PVP while you have a white flag up, this will also invalidate your flag.
  3. Admin tribe buildings and admin tribe owned tames, if it shoots at you, shoot back. If it leaves you alone, you leave it alone.
  4. Exploits are not allowed and will be grounds for a ban. They include but are not limited to:
    • Plant X without a crop plot
    • Meshing, Mesh biting or building behind the mesh
    • No boxed tames/skiffs to be used in raids.
  5. Tribe name must be the same across ALL maps.
  6. Do not block artifacts on Valguero or Crystal Isles! Older maps are fine but any new map it is not allowed.
    If the above rules are not followed you can expect the following to happen:
    • 1st time: Called out to the PvP community in the #pvp-bad-box and appropriate action by Admin.
    • 2nd time: Ban


If you experience any of the above happening, immediately take video or photo proof of the incident and send it to @Senior Administrators or @Network Administrators for investigation. If we don't have it, we may not be able to assist, this includes for ark glitches also. You lose your mana flying into an ob, record that and send it to us.

PVP Server Settings

XP - 6x

Taming - 15x

Resource Harvesting - 2x

Food/Water Drain - 0.5x

Dino Food Drain - 1x

Harvest Damage - 2x

Decay Multiplier - 6x - Longer decay times on structures

Mating Multiplier - 0.3x - Less time between mating

Egg Hatch Speed - 10x

Baby Mature Speed - 10x

Baby Cuddle Multiplier - 0.1x

Cuddle Grace Period - 2x

Baby Food Consumption - 0.5x

Spoiling Multiplier - 5x

Player Damage Multiplier - 1x

Day Speed - 1x

Night Speed - 1x